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Architecture by Joe Sadoski and Kipp Edick. Landscaping design and construction by Kappus Landscape. Blending modern clean lines with energy performance made this Sugarhouse custom home an amazing experience to build as we pushed the limits of design and energy efficiency. Triple pane, thermally broken, custom steel windows, two solar arrays and five geothermal wells at a depth of 200’ each provide clean energy for the home. A permitted roof water collection system provides 3,000 gallons of irrigation water for the landscaping. The storage tank doubles as a heat sink used in cooling the wine room. Radiant heat and radiant cooling were utilized for climate control, along with an air exchange system that brings fresh air into the home due to the extremely tight construction. Air infiltration is the single largest source of heat loss, so special care was taken to eliminate air leaks. The foundation was poured in two swaths separated by a ½” of rigid insulation in order to eliminate thermal bridging. Carbon fiber ties hold the two swaths together. All six sides of the home are surrounded by 4” of rigid, closed cell foam. A solid eight-inch layer of foam sandwiched between plywood provides a SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) wall assembly. Custom software controls the home’s climate by assessing indoor vs. outdoor temperature and anticipates temperature changes via weather forecast.

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